Alright. HiveFest will take place in VR. We use AltspaceVR social VR software in which the HiveFest world is created. 

It's recommended to download & run AltspaceVR prior to HiveFest to get acquainted with the controls and etiquette. Plus it's fun too! 

This article explains where to get the software and which hardware is supported for AltspaceVR.

  1. Please download & install the AltspaceVR app as soon as possible
  2. Setup your account through the AltspaceVR app
  3. Customise your avatar after logging in. 
    • It would be great if you can use the same user/displayname as you have on Hive!

Logging in & creating your avatar:

  1. Launch the AltspaceVR software on your device of choice, whether on a headset or on a 2D desktop app.

  2. By default you are signed in as a "Guest123124213".

    In the bottom left of the AltspaceVR interface you see a Radial-HUD menu. In 2D mode this can be hidden and then you should do a "right mouse click" to reveal it. (Right mouse click toggles "cursor view" and "walk view"). Or use CTRL+RM-click to activate.

    The Radial HUD menu consists of 7 options: 
    1. Center A-triangle to enter the main-menus.
    2. Mute/unmute
    3. Broadcast emoji's above your avatar and raise hand feature
    4. Toggle personal bubble so no-one can "walk through you" and keep a social distance :P
    5. Selfie cam: click to activate a 3 second countdown. Result is shown immediately and stored in your AltspaceVR account under "Photos"
    6. Regular cam: takes a picture of what you currently see. 
    7. "You are here": opens the menu focused on info about the current world you are in.

  3. On the Aerial-HUD, click on the center A-triangle-logo to activate the main-menu of AltspaceVR. 
  4. If you already have an account, login. If you don't signup. It's recommended to pick the same user/displayname as you have on Hive!

  5. Now take some time to customise your avatar. This way you are not a Noobie-Blue-dude once HiveFest is in full effect.

Show off yourself on your HiveBlog, take a selfie of your avatar! 

  1. If you are in the main menu, close it (right tab "Close").

  2. Pick the Selfie cam option from the Aerial-HUD menu in the bottom-left. It's one of the 6 options and can't be missed.

  3. Once you click, it will countdown from 3 and take a picture. It will show the result immediately. Repeat until you have a desired result.

  4. Photos can be found in your AltspaceVR account @