If you signed up for HiveFest you might receive a secret access code to use for extra interactivity and connecting your Hive identity to your AltspaceVR avatar. You can use the code to login at the HiveFest Check-in computer which you can find in all 4 official HiveFest worlds (Lobby, Presentation area, NFT Art Gallery, Photobooth)

This secret code is very personal and tied to your identity. Don't share the code with anyone. 

When you share your secret code with others, they can act as if they are you on HiveFest. 

In order to be certain that only the keyholder of the account will read the message we sent the secret access code with encrypted memo. @lightproject was so kind to write the script for this. 

This way only the sender and the receiver (s/he with the memo private key) can read the message sent, while others only see some gibberish. 

Sample Secret Message

Ok great. Now... How to decode that message you received?

There are currently 2 easy ways to decode your secret message. It will entail you having the memo key entered in either PeakD or Hive Keychain. (If you added your Master Key to either of those, it will work too).


  1. If you use peakd.com, go to your wallet and click on the small green lock behind the encrypted message.

  2. Or, if you have Keychain installed, open it and click on the History button:

    And then you see the message directly unencrypted:

    Sample encrypted memo, decrypted automatically in Hive Keychain

Other ways of decrypting Memo key:

(Your wallet must in either case contain the  memo-private-key for the decrypting account) 

1. Using beempy cli:



2. Using hived cli_wallet: